09 June 2010

Rules and Regulations / Scoring System

Rules and Regulations

Measurements of court and equipment often vary among tournaments and organisations that operate from a recreational to a competitive level; international competitive rules and regulation are used in this section.


Sepak Takraw court diagram
The sepak takraw sport is played on a similar to badminton double sized court.
Area of 13.4 m x 6.1 m free from all obstacles up to the height of 8 m measured from the floor surface (sand and grass court not advisable). The width of the lines bounding the court should not be more than 0.04 m measured and drawn inwards from the edge of the court measurements. All the boundary lines should be drawn at least 3.0 m away from all obstacles. The centre line of 0.02 m should be drawn equally dividing the right and left court.
At the corner of each at the centre line, the quarter circle shall be drawn from the sideline to the centre line with a radius of 0.9 m measured and drawn outwards from the edge of the 0.9 m radius.
The service circle of 0.3 m radius shall be drawn on the left and on the right court, the centre of which is 2.45 m from the back line of the court and 3.05 m from the sidelines, the 0.04 m line shall be measured and drawn outward from the edge of the 0.3 m radius.


The net shall be made of fine ordinary cord or nylon with 6 mm to 8 mm mesh. Similar to a volleyball net.
The net shall be 0.7 m in width and not shorter than 6.10 m in length and taped at 0.05 m from tape double at the top and sideline, called boundary tape.
The net shall be edged with 0.05 m tape double at the top and the bottom of the net supported by a fine ordinary cord or nylon cord that runs through the tape and strain over and flush with the top of the posts. The top of the net shall be 1.52 m (1.42 m for women) in height from the centre and 1.55 m (1.45 m for women's) at the posts.


A sepak takraw ball made out of rattan.
The sepak takraw ball shall be spherical in shape, made of synthetic fiber or one woven layer.
Sepak takraw balls without synthetic rubber covering must consist of the following characteristics; Have 12 holes. Have 20 intersections. Have a circumference measuring not less from 0.42 m to 0.44 m for men and from 0.43 m to 0.45 m for women. Have a weight that range from 170 grams to 180 grams for men and from 150 grams (5.3 oz) to 160 grams for women.


The Tekong performing the service during a match in Strasbourg
A match is played by two regus (teams), each consisting of three players.
One of the three players shall be at the back; he is called a “Tekong”. The other two players shall be in front, one on the left and the other on the right. The player on the left is called a “Left Inside” and the player on the right is called a “Right Inside”.

Start of play and service

The side that must serve first shall start the first set. The side that wins the first set shall have the options of “Choosing Service”.
The throw must be executed as soon as the referee calls the score. If either of the "Inside" players throws the ball before the referee calls the score, it must be re-thrown and a warning will be given to the thrower.
During the service, as soon as the Tekong kicks the ball, all the players are allowed to move about freely in their respective courts.
The service is valid if the ball passes over the net, whether it touches the net or not, and inside the boundary of the two net tapes and boundary lines of the opponent’s court.

Scoring System

When either serving side or receiving side commits a fault, a point is awarded to the opponent side including making next service.

The winning point for a set is 21 points, unless the point is tied at 20–20, the set shall be decided on a difference of two points, up to a ceiling of 25 points. When the score is tied at 20–20, the referee announces “Setting up to 25 points”.

The game is played in 2 sets with 2-minute rest in between.

If each "Regu" wins one set, the game shall be decided in the third set called "Tiebreak" with 15 points unless the point is tied at 14-14, then the set shall be decided on a difference of two points, up to a ceiling of 17 points. When the score is tied at 14-14, the referee announces “Setting up to 17 points”.

Before the tiebreak set takes place, the referee shall toss a disc or coin, and the side winning the toss shall have the option of “Choosing Service”. The change of sides takes place when one “Regu” reaches 8 points.

Adapted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepak_takraw#Scoring_system